Delivery 31st August 2010

Tomorrow i’m looking forward to the following fruit and vegetables in my delivery from Riverford:

  • ramiro peppers UK
  • cauliflower UK
  • courgettes UK
  • bunched beetroot UK
  • mini cucumber UK
  • discovery apples UK

What I love about the vegbox scheme is the challenge to make something out of fruit or veg that I am not familiar with cooking. Too often I fall into a pattern of buying the same veg from supermarkets, these boxes give a varied diet and a way to keep in touch with locally grown seasonal food.

One of these items above will be the inspiration to the next blogged recipe.

Other veg in season this August are: lettuce, peppers, new potatoes, leeks, sweetcorn, peas, aubergines, strawberries, loganberries, gooseberries, herbs, chard, fennel, main crop carrots, broccoli, keep a look out for all of these – if you buy British then you will be eating these at their peak.


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