English Apples at Eighth Day

Apples from Eighth Day Manchester

Manchester’s Eighth Day Co-op have a load of english apples (that you can’t get from supermarkets) in stock from Oakwood Farm, Sussex including Spartan, Russet and Cox.

My personal favorite, the Egremont Russet is a classic English russet apple from the Victorian era.  Whilst russet apples have generally fallen out of favour, Egremont Russet remains popular with discerning apple lovers who appreciate its unique flavour and appearance. Its got a sweet, dry and nutty flavour that’s really aromatic and medium-large in size so makes a good ‘meal’. http://www.orangepippin.com/apples/egremont-russet

Orange Cox Pippin is the classic English apple, often regarded as the finest of all desert apples, and the inspiration for this website. It arose in England in the 19th century as a chance seedling, and has inspired apple lovers ever since. It remains unsurpassed for its richness and complexity of flavour, but is not as popular as its supermarket competitors, not least because it is relatively difficult to grow. http://www.orangepippin.com/apples/coxs-orange-pippin

Spartan is a small, sweet, cute, juicy apple with a brilliant white flesh and shiny red skin. http://www.orangepippin.com/apples/spartan

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