We went along to envirolution, a festival ‘to present inspiring solutions to environmental and social challenges’ at Platts Fields over the weekend. Erinma was asked to facilitate a conversation on the Green Economy with:

Carol Thompson from Tagpassiton,

Rob Squires LETSystem Trust Member and permaculture bod

Sarah McCullock from Manchester LETS

Mike Bull, lecturer in Social Enterprise Research at Manchester Metropolitan University

Admittedly not knowing that much about that – it was a good opportunity to meet people who did, learn more and have some fun in the mean time. We talked about alternative trading systems in which skills and other non-monetary assets could be valued and exchanged within a community as an alternative to using money which not everyone has. Bascially to start trading you don’t need any cash money. There was lots of debate about how the old LETS versus new Lets and how the system works and is/ isn’t sustainable and that people will invariably cheat the system and not give back in return (maybe some stuff takes longer to come back to you and not everyone’s capacity to give is the same). Tagpass it on was about buying locally from independent shops and getting discounts in return.

There were stalls and stands offering practical ecoadvice and showcases of projects on the go, including Zoe Rozar’s recently launched EcoHealth Clinic, in a laid back atmosphere plus several marquees where conversations, entertainment and food were also available.

Joe Weeks from our Northern Quarter Greening Group came along to take part in the Greening Urban Spaces Conversation along with Vincent Walsh. We done to the envirolution team for organising such a great event.

Greening Urban Spaces


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  1. peakmattr says:

    Thanks for the post. Great photos… can we get some copies please.

  2. C Ward says:

    Hey Matt – Erinma already sent a CD to Agata which she got on Monday 🙂 let us know if there’s any problems.

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