Spinach and Radishes


We’ve harvested our first batch of spinach and radishes, which are doing very well in the growboxes.


The internet is a great source of wisdom when it comes to showing us what we need to do.

SPINACH TIPS (see video link)

  • Key points are: use a sharp knife
  • cut near the base of the stem, angled
  • focus on the outer leaves
  • leave at lease 1/4 of the plant left to continue growing
  • cut off any diseased leaves
  • Remove any flower developments


  • Well known for being the fastest and easiest crop to grow
  • Can be sown in late summer for a fall crop
  • Need loose soil
  • Can sow every two weeks
  • Can mix seeds with slow going crops such as carrots to mark the row
  • Harvest when the size of a marble, otherwise they become pithy and hot
  • Soak radishes in ice water for a could of hours before serving to get that crispness

Next, we need to help our tomatoes along.

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