Sausage and Pumpkin

Adapted from Nigel Slater’s Stove-top pumpkin with gremolata

3 veggie sausages


a small pumpkin or squash, about 1kg

75g white bread, preferably from a day-old loaf, made into coarse breadcrumbs

a small bunch of parsley

the grated zest of a lemon

Cut the sausages into inch pieces. Leave it to cook in a heavy-based shallow pan set over a low heat – you need the fat to melt so you can cook the pumpkin in it, add a 50g butter.

While the sausages cooking, cut the skin from the pumpkin, then cut the flesh into quarters. Scoop out the seeds and fibres and discard them, then cut the flesh into large chunks. Add the pumpkin to the bacon and cover with a lid. Leave to cook for 5 minutes until the pumpkin is golden brown here and there, then gently turn over and continue cooking for another 5 minutes or so until the pumpkin is quite tender.

Meanwhile, melt some more butter in a frying pan and, when it is starting to bubble, tip in the breadcrumbs. Let them cook till they are golden, stirring from time to time so they don’t burn. Stir in the parsley and the lemon zest, and season with black pepper and a little salt. When the crumbs are golden and crisp, and the pumpkin soft and sweet, tip the crumbs over the lot and serve from the pan.


We had this for dinner tonight, alongside a generous leaf salad. It was okay, but probably didn’t get the same result as adding bacon. Instead, I made a soup with the remaining pumpkin by adding 1L water and a small pinch of stock, which is incredibly tasty!

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