Eco nesting


We’ve just moved into a new house and are exploring ways to make it ecofriendly. We’ve been browsing old magazines (discovered as we were packing up our stuff for the move) and online to find some useful tips. Here’s some tips for energy saving from David Gale of Ecodesign architecture practice that we founding Elle Decor magazine.

We will be blogging more over the next few months about our journey to a greener existence!

1. Turn heating down by 1 degree
2. Change bulbs to energy saving ones
3. Get a smart meter
4. Draught proof doors & windows – see
5. Insulate
6. Get rid of electrical appliances u don’t need; any new ones need to be grade A
7. Reduce energy used by each appliance – wash once a day.
8. Rewire your home. Radial system.
9. Don’t leave things on standby
10. Greener energy ways to power your home. Wood burner with locally sourced wood.




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