Home grown: the journey

Winter Leaf And Salad Identification
Winter Leaf And Salad Identification

For all those who are regular visitors to this blog, you’ll have noticed we’ve changed the look of the blog. We felt the blog works better if readers can see a number of recipes and posts on the front page and then can click in to that particular recipe. If anyone has any difficulties with the navigation or wants to sing it praises, do get in touch!

Having a yard and space that comes with a house, my ambition this year is to grow a small variety of fruit and veg. It’s been a little random, not least to the weather and I’m going to write about where we’ve got to so far.

Some plants have been more successful than others from the Riverford Grow Box. Two of the three tomato plants have died, as have the courgettes. I’m nursing the remaining tomato and courgette indoors for now and bought another 3 plants from Hulme Garden centre (two bushes, one if which is a cherry and a full size). I’m keen to get a good tomato harvest this year as I want to try making ketchup. The strawberry plants died very quickly, but been replaced with two hardy plants from Hulme Garden Centre and growing well in the hanging basket. They really attract aphids and I made a soap-chilli-water-oil mix which proved to be a little too potent. I’d recommend planting a marigold with the strawberries instead!

Courgette on the brink of recovery?

I’ve just sown courgette seeds indoors too as i’ve not really seen any plants for sale yet (which makes sense considering the weather so far).

What’s doing well from the Riverford Grow Box? The red mustard, kohlrabi and cabbages are looking really strong and the red and green lettuces are doing well. Parsley, rocket, looks a little weathered at times but i’m sure they will last. The potatoes are growing in veg bags outside and the tips of the plants are just coming through, 3 weeks on.

I have approx. 10 sunflowers plants growing for Turing Sunflowers (find out how to grow your own sunflowers for the project at www.turingsunflowers.com).

Turing's Sunflowers
Turing’s Sunflowers
Sugar snap pea plant
Sugar Snap Peas in May 2012

I’ve planted more salad (winter leaves, sprouting rocket), snap peas and radishes. Additionally, I bagged a tray of broad bean plants at the amazing Rode Hall Farmers Market on the first Saturday in May.

broad bean plant

The broad bean plants are repotted separately at the moment and i’m hoping to make a similar set up with canes and netting below.

Broad bean support
Broad bean support

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