Vertical Greens

Vertical Gardens
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After one season of growing in our back garden and previously on a growbox, we’ve been dreaming of increasing our veg yields by creating a vertical garden in the backyard of our terraced house in Old Trafford.

So far we’ve been looking into other people’s efforts and set out some ambitious but hopefully achievable goals for our grand design:

  • Increase provision of veg & herbs from garden
  • create a tranquil space to relax in
  • experiment with ecoarchitecture
  • create outdoor dining area for friends & family
  • attract birds, bees and butterflies

Of course we also face a few challenges:

  • knowledge, skills and confidence to do it
  • North facing garden with limited sun
  • low/ no budget

However we have lots of enthusiasm and passion to make it happen and recently shared our growing journey with peeps at Lancaster University. We’re also inspired by several other projects including incredible edible, biospheric foundation, farm: shop, vertical veg and Trafford ecohouse and hope to visit a few more inspiring peeps in the near future.

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