Heritage days at Hulme Garden Centre

We wanted to share the film we made for Hulme Garden Centre’s Apple & Pumpkin day back in October.

We learned about all the many varieties of apple grown in the UK and got to taste some pumpkin soup.

This coming Sunday, Hulme Garden Centre are hosting a POTATO heritage day – where you can come and learn about the many different varieties of potato you can grow. And of course buy a few to get you started.

Hulme Garden Centre Potato Day

We have already been down to see what’s on offer and were excited to be shown this blue salad potato which apparently turns pink when you add vinegar!

Salad Blue Potato

We did really well with our potato crop last year in our back yard. We definitely want to be a bit more adventurous this year so look forward to find out what’s on offer and learn about what you need to do to get a good yield.

Once again we’ll be there making a short film about potatoes this time and hope to catch the potato expert on camera to share potato wisdom more widely!

Thanks again to Hulme Community Garden Centre for letting us film and encouraging us to buy local.

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