Allotment – Garlic update and potatoes

It has proved difficult to get over to the allotment over the last couple of weeks. My last visit was on Sunday 16th Feb. The garlic, both those planted before December and in February (after starting in the cold frame) seem to be going well. No real bulb growth yet, but they seem established.

Its so wet, its difficult to do anything – no digging at the moment. The liming seems to be working and the range of pH readings were remarkably different, although a little erratic in small areas. It should balance with time (cal-sea-feed dissolves in the soil).

The newly planted trees are still standing after making through the storms. We’ve also started to clear a couple of beds for Robin Hood Broad Beans – which i’m doing successional sowings, starting off in toilet rolls – which actually work well as a growing container. They attract slugs, but the slugs seem to like the cardboard rather than the plants.

I’m collecting more and more dock and this year also want to start learning how to make different feeds from nettles, comfrey etc. I’m wrapping up the dock in bags to decompose, ready for next year. Everything is long-term on the allotment, their are no shortcuts.

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