Russian Rye Bread

Russian Rye Bread with Raisins
Rye 31%  166g
Water 62%  333g
Mature Starter 10%  54g
Rye 69%  370g
Water 42%  225g
Salt 1.50%  8g
Sourdough 93%  499g
Yield 206%  1106g


Added 30g rye kimbles and 20g pumpkin seeds in place of rye flour, also added raisins – my attempt at this bread wasn’t perfect, but it made wicked raisin toast. Found at The Fresh Loaf  – recipe is from Bread Matters.

The sourdough fermented for 14 hours at 24C, the paste is mixed and shaped with wet hands and is put directly into a buttered tin.

After 2 hours the loaves were risen by about 25% and bubbles started to show, they were ready for the oven.

The bake: 10 minutes at 240C with steam, then 10 minutes at 225C, then 20 more minutes at 200C.

This bread neads a long rest before cutting, at least 24 hours. In my experience the taste is fully there after 3 days.

The crumb is moist and airy, and the bread has a light tang that gets stronger in time.

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  1. Hilda says:

    That is the kind of bread I like. Don’t know what I am waiting for.

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