Wine Syrup

After a few experiments with brewing, i’ve got a stash of okay-ish apple wine, ginger beer and mead. We’re unlikely to drink it, its just not tasty enough, but seems such a waste to pour it down the sink.

So our first plan is to make syrup from it with advice from The Kitchn.

It’s super simple, 1:3 sugar to wine. I’ve got 6 cups of wine (1.5l) so i used 2 cups of sugar and a cinnamon stick. Put it all into a large saucepan or preserving pan (its wider so easier to evaporate from), boil it, then keep on a light simmer until its reduced by 1/3 volume. so i’m looking for a reduction below the 1lt mark in my pan.

I had a quick taste after adding sugar, and its yummy, so can’t wait to try it as a syrup.

Bottle using the usual sterilising methods.


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