Mary Berry’s Cappuccino Cake

Mary Berry’s Cappuccino Cake is absolutely delightful. A soft moist sponge with light coffee cream icing. I used Rico Fairtrade instant coffee. Ingredients 50g (2oz) Cocoa powder 6 tablespoons boiling water 3 large eggs 175g (6oz) self raising flour 50ml (2fl oz) milk 1 teaspoon baking powder 100g (4oz) softened butter 275g (10oz) caster sugar…

Mary Berry’s Devonshire Apple Cake

I’m making good use of the cook book as we have another Mary Berry Baking Bible cake on my hands. This Devonshire apple cake is a traybake and fairly easy to make. I’ve not added the caster sugar on top of the cake as I used dessert apples which add sweetness.

Mary Berry’s Victoria Sandwich

This cake is the classic 4444 that my mother would make. The 4×4 refers to 4 eggs with 4oz of each of sugar, flour and fat, this can be reduced to 3333 or made bigger! You can find this recipe in Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, which I use and find invaluable, or at BBC Food….

Mary Berry’s American Apple and Apricot Cake

Apples and cakes seem to be a hit this time of year and with a few spare apples lying about the house a bit bruised, now is the time to cook them. I usually make Mary Berry’s Apple and Cinnamon Cake but thought its time to venture further… well not that much! Recipe can be…

Mary Berry’s Apple and Cinnamon Cake

I’m being resourceful again! We had a few apples that were past eating condition and they’ve ended up in this lovely comforting cake from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible. The original recipe is below, taking a hint from my larder, IĀ substituted the walnuts for mixed nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, brazil), the sultanas for Waitrose vine fruit…

Mary Berry’s Divine Chocolate Birthday Cake

Another November and another birthday, calling forā€¦ Mary Berry’s Chocolate Birthday Cake, which is truly delicious, wheat free and very high in chocolate. Just how a chocolate cake should be!