Beetroot Cake

We had plenty of beetroot in the Riverford Veg Box last week screaming to be turned into cake. Unfortunately I was low on chocolate (which is unusual as I buy so much but guess it gets eaten quickly!) so no chocolate beetroot cake on the agenda… or brownies. Thankfully I came across Skye Gyngell’s recipe in…

Goat’s Cheese, Beetroot and Lentil Salad

The team I work with had a group brainstorm and we all bought in something for lunch. Here is the recipe for the salad from British Food. It went down a treat and perfect for my abundant herbs growing in the yard. 6 x Medium sized Beetroot Maldon Salt Black Pepper Cup of Puy Lentils…

Vegbox – March 2012

This week’s Riverford vegbox has: Butternut squash Parsnips Beetroot Carrots Spring Onions two unidentified green fings that i need to find out what they are! Recipe options Butternut squash Squash pye lentil and goats cheese salad (new recipe!) Beetroot Beetroot risotto Chocolate cake Carrots Carrot Cake (going to try a nigella recipe!)

Veg Box – 26 Jan 2012

We’ve decided to have a veg box delivered fortnightly instead of weekly. Mainly to save money but also to ensure we use every last vegetable before the next vegbox is delivered. This fortnight’s box contains: Leeks Butternut Squash Brussel Sprouts Parsnips Cabbage Carrots Red Onions Onions Beetroot So far I am imagining a Butternut Squash…

Beetroot risotto

It all started with this week’s beetroot in our veg box… i wanted to tackle the beetroot head on. Thankfully, Miss Kuettner to the rescue who came across this receipe for Beetroot risotto. Ingredients 500g fresh beetroot 2 tbsp olive oil knob of butter 1 onion , finely chopped 1 garlic clove , finely chopped…

Riverford Vegbox 3rd January 2012

Small Organic Vegbox: Carrots Leeks Tomatoes Potatoes Beetroot Broccoli Peppers Related articles Riverford Organic Outstrips Major Supermarkets’ Organic Food Prices ( Riverford ( Leek and potato soup (

Green & Black’s Chocolate and Beetroot Cake

It’s that time again, when beetroot starts to accumulate in the fridge. I’ve previously made chocolate beetroot brownies (see blog post here) and thought I’d continue the adventure of combining beetroot and chocolate. Above is the final product of the Green & Black’s Chocolate Beetroot Cake, which was scrumptious and popular with someone who doesn’t like beetroot (the ultimate measure of success!)….