Blackberry and Apple Jelly

I saw blackberries on the allotment and thought what a pain, what do i do with these. I’d stupidly forgotten the wonderful marriage of blackberries and apples. This recipe is from River Cottage Preserves book, it works perfectly, creating a mellow fruity jelly,  so perfect on toast. Ingredients: 1kg of apples (windfalls or any apples are…

Apples and pears… and a blackcurrant

It was a cold wet Saturday afternoon, but nothing could stop me from getting the fresh delivery of bareroots from Ashridge Trees in the ground. All the apples and pears are maidens, which are cheaper than cordens – i’m hoping to train them into cordens once I work out how to build the frame. All…

Vegbox 30th August 2011

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Vegbox 25th October 2010

Coming my way on Tuesday this week from Riverford: fennel UK radicchio UK avocado  ZA savoy cabbage  UK leeks UK fiesta apples  UK pears  UK Related Articles You: Red cabbage recipes ( Return of The Frugal Cook and some musings on veg ( Fruit and vegetables: The seeds of an organic revolution (

The Apples of Tatton

This August I visited Tatton Park Garden and was really happy to see the different apples being grown. I have always been obsessed with apples, especially russets. My favorite way to eat them is with a knife in hand to cut off thin slices for eating. Apple Day is 21st October this year. Many farms around the…