Savoy cabbage side dish (No.2)

I’ve just made a savoy cabbage (fresh from the vegbox) side dish adapted from BBC Food.


August, The Harvest

I happened across the music for Tchaikovsky’s Les Saisons (the Seasons) on a second hand book store and ended up buying it. Anyway the composer wrote twelve pieces characteristic of the twelve months of the year. Fittingly August is ‘The Harvest’. If I had a piano (and could play it well) I’d play it alongside…


Today we harvested the rest of our mixed radishes and planted two new rows. Its really weird the simple joy you get from growing and eating your own food and… we don’t want to waste any of it. We also brought home a lots of spinach and Caroline made a chickpea & spinach frittata.

Spinach and Radishes

We’ve harvested our first batch of spinach and radishes, which are doing very well in the growboxes. The internet is a great source of wisdom when it comes to showing us what we need to do. SPINACH TIPS (see video link) Key points are: use a sharp knife cut near the base of the stem,…