Hello and welcome to our blog! We started ‘JJASON What’s in Season?’ as a fun and easy way to source and cook local and seasonal food from Manchester and the UK. Living in the city centre of Manchester we found it difficult initially to find seasonal, local and organic food. So we ordered a veg box from a local farm and set up the blog to share our journey into local and seasonal cooking.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick list to recipes.

Got a bit more time, get involved by:

1. Getting a Veg Box

2. Trying out some recipes

3. Suggesting recipe suggestions for us to try out by email or adding recipe links in the comments boxes

jjasonwhatsinseason at gmail.com

4. Browsing the shop for some of the cookbooks and cooking utensils we’ve been using.

Any money we receive through referrals via Amazon purchases will go towards developing this site further e.g. creating podcasts and video content (which costs a little bit of money to do).

JJASON is a Squirrel Nation project set up by Caroline Ward (artist) and Erinma Ochu (writer).

Squirrel Nation is a social enterprise.